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With the availability of a comprehensive range of forklift trucks, forklift rental in New Jersey turns out to be a bit complicated task. The accessibility of several diverse kinds of such powered industrial machines makes it essential to pick the correct kind for the specific needs. Safety, efficiency, and productivity are influenced to a great extent by the quality of selection you make. With the following different classes of forklift trucks, you will definitely be better aware of the options available to you when you go looking for a rental forklift truck:

4 Wheel Counterbalance

These are the most widespread forklift trucks available on the market. They are straightforward powered industrial machines with double forks in the front and used to lift heavy loads. Only LPG and diesel are available in four wheel options.

3 Wheel Counterbalance

These are precisely similar to the one mentioned above but the only three wheels for better turning capability. They are mainly utilized where space limitation is an issue such as warehouse settings with confined passageways. These are perfect for 3.2m to 3.5m passageways.

Powered Pallet Trucks

These are the electric version of the popular pump truck pallet jack also recognized as a pump truck. They help you transport heavy goods or pallets effortlessly and quickly within a warehouse.

Order Pickers

These are designed for “hand picking” rather than pallets. They let the operators efficiently and quickly pick orders in a warehouse. Some order pickers are designed as fixed units whereas others can elevate the personnel to a specific level to reach items stored in higher positions.


These are the same as power pallet trucks but with the mast letting the capability of listing pallets to height. They are even recognized for their user-friendliness and are inexpensive in contrast to CB forklift trucks.

Reach Forklift Trucks

These are built exclusively to lift loads up to 13m heights. They let warehouses to make use of very high aisle setups and finally save space with narrow spacing between passageways, which is approximately 2.6m to 3.1m. Reach forklift trucks are available in sit-on and stand-on. The capability of these powered industrial machines varies from 0.9 tons to 3.0 tons.